Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Post Operative Instructions
1. Surgical Dressing/Packing is a “band-aid” to protect the area of surgery. Dressing/packing may or may not be placed. If it is placed, it should stay on a minimum of 2-4 days. When or if the dressing/packing comes off, start gently brushing the surgery area. 

2. Foods that are hard and spicy should be avoided for the first several days. Normal diet can resume when the surgery area is comfortable. 

3. Bleeding is usually minimal following laser surgery. If bleeding does occur, place pressure over the area with gauze or tea bag. 

4. Scab-type appearance that is reddish-brown is normal for several days in the area of laser surgery. This area will then turn red and finally pink when healed after 1-2 weeks. 

5. Your next appointment will consist of evaluating the healing and obtaining further instructions on the care of the surgery area.

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