Osseous Surgery

What is Osseous Surgery?

Sometimes called pocket reduction surgery, osseous surgery is a procedure that helps gain access to the roots of a patient’s tooth to remove disease-causing bacteria and tartar.  Sometimes, the bone that surrounds the teeth can have “pockets,” which are open areas where bacteria exist and spread.  Osseous surgery is necessary to clean those pockets to prevent the spread of bacteria, which can cause bone loss.

The Osseous Surgery Procedure at Central Ohio Periodontics

While this procedure at called “surgery,” it really is more like a very thorough cleaning.  Typically, Dr. Sakamoto will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the teeth.   Then, he will make a small incision around the teeth that are affected to allow the gum tissue to temporarily pull away from the bone.  Once Dr. Sakamoto has access to the bone and roots, he and his highly trained dental team will clean the area around the tooth through scaling.  The bone around the tooth will then be “reshaped” to get rid of the open pockets.  This process will help prevent future bacteria from spreading.  If the open pockets are extremely large, Dr. Sakamoto may need to perform a bone graft to fill in those areas.

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