Post-Op Instructions


BONE GRAFT: The bone graft material is located under the tissue covered by a small white barrier and usually cannot be seen. During healing it is possible to feel little particles of bone throughout the mouth. The bone graft will take a period of three to six months to harden depending upon your body’s healing properties.

Your restorative dentist will make a temporary tooth replacement for you if it is necessary. Usually you are able to continue wearing your present partial or flipper. If braces are being worn, your orthodontist or dentist will place a tooth for cosmetic purpose.

Two weeks after surgery the sutures will be removed and you will be examined by the doctor. Every consideration must be given to keep the surgical site clean and free of food particles.

  1. Avoid alcohol, smoking or very hot fluids for remainder of the day. SMOKING especially is to be avoided since it increases the heat in the surgical area and significantly lowers the body’s ability to heal the site.
  2. Rinsing of the mouth should be started the day of surgery. Frequent gentle rinsing with lukewarm salt water will aid the healing process and maintain cleanliness. Add 1⁄2 tsp salt to 6 oz. Glass of water. If further cleansing seems indicated, gently swab with a cotton applicator dipped in warm water. Avoid use of a water pik.
  3. PAIN – certain amount of pain must be expected with all types of surgery. An appropriate pain medication has been prescribed for you. Please take it according to instructions.
  4. SWELLING – Some swelling is to be expected and is not unusual. In most instances swelling can be prevented or controlled. Apply the ice pack that has been given to you for a period of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the remainder of the day. The application of ice or cold towel to the outside of the face over the surgical area will minimize swelling. If after two days you still have unordinary swelling or pain, please call the office.
  5. BLEEDING – Some oozing or trickling of blood from the treated areas is common for the first 24 hours and is of no concern. We suggest that you cover your pillow
  1. tonight and sleep with your head slightly elevated. If excessive bleeding occurs, place gauze or a tea bag in the area with pressure to stop the bleeding. If you feel that the bleeding is too much, please call the office or the doctor’s home.
  2. DIET – Following surgery it is best to restrict your diet to fluids and soft foods for the first day. A normal diet may then be resumed the following day, but you will want to avoid chewing on the site until the tissue is completely healed. Soft foods such as mashed potatoes, pudding, jello, scrambled eggs, pasta, spaghetti and soups are suggested. If you have difficulty chewing try to puree foods or try diet supplements such as Carnation Instant Breakfast, Ensure or Boost, etc.
  3.  ANTIBIOTICS – An appropriate antibiotic may be prescribed for you. It is very important that the prescription is filled and taken as directed. Please take tablets/capsules as directed on the prescription label.


Our mission is to help our patients live healthier lives. Your comfort and health are our first priority. Your beautiful smile is always our goal.