Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP are co-founders of the Bale/Doneen Method , which is a comprehensive program for attaining and maintaining arterial health, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes.  Their research shows the causal connection between periodontal disease (PD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD).  The Bale/Doneen Method (BDM) has been shown to halt, stabilize, and achieve regression of atherosclerotic vascular disease.  In their recent study at John Hopkins University*, the soft, inflamed, rupture-prone, lipid-rich plaque was resolved in the 100% of 324 patients undergoing the BDM over a 5-year period.  BDM’s mission and goals are to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes via educational opportunities available to medical and dental providers by emphasizing the oral-systemic connection.  Some of the key components to the BDM include education, identifying disease, eliminating inflammation, incorporating genetic information, identifying risk factors, and assessing response.

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