Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation is the use of low-level lasers to treat wounds, soft tissue injuries, and pain management. This is a form of light therapy that uses nonionizing forms of laser or light emitting diodes at levels of less than 500 milliwatts, 35 joules/sq cm, or 600-1300 nanometers. It is a nonthermal reaction that triggers endogenous chromosphores to stimulate reactions that changes biological processes, such as promoting would healing and tissue regeneration, reduction of inflammation and pain, and immunomodulation.

In dentistry, LLLT has been associated with the following:
•    treatment of aphthous ulcers
•    reduction of periodontal inflammation
•    treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity
•    use as analgesic
•    acceleration of osseointegration of dental implants
•    acceleration of tooth movement in orthodontics

Research is showing that low-level laser radiation can enhance osteoblastic activity and proliferation. Therefore there is much interest in the wound healing of extraction sockets, bone attachment at the bone-implant interface, and accelerated orthodontic teeth movement.

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