Yes! Tooth loss caused by periodontal disease is often the reason for dental implants replacement. A recent study* summarized 27 longitudinal publications to investigate the effects of implant outcomes in partially edentulous patients comparing treated periodontal patients and periodontally healthy patients.

RESULTS: In periodontally healthy patients, implant success and survival were higher. In patients with history of treated periodontal disease, bone loss and incidence of peri-implantitis were increased.

CONCLUSION: The authors of this study found that history of severe or advanced forms of periodontal disease is associated with higher rates of implant complications (lower success and survival rates) when compared to periodontally healthy patients.

My comments: This study shows that the risks associated with periodontal disease may be a concern for implant therapy. It should emphasize more rigorous supportive therapies for high risk patients with implants.  In our practice, similar successful outcomes for implants are achieved with periodontally-susceptible patients as well as periodontally healthy patients with the proper maintenance support. 

My recommendations: Communicate with your high-risk patients the importance of early detection of periodontal disease and prevention. Although dental implant therapy is highly successful, our primary goal for patients is to retain their natural teeth via proper prevention, treatment, and maintenance.

-*Sousa V., et al Clinical Oral Implants Research Sept 2015

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