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Single Missing Tooth in Blacklick, OH

Single Missing Tooth in Blacklick, OH

Know Your Options

The majority of people will lose a tooth at some point in their life from decay or injury. If this happens to you, it is important to replace the tooth as soon as possible. However, there are a few replacement options to choose from, including a removable partial denture, a fixed partial denture (also known as a bridge), or an implant.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are comprised of a metal support structure that holds together the replacement teeth, which rest on a base of gum-colored plastic material. The partial denture is affixed to the gum line with several metal clasps. Many patients find the denture cumbersome and dislike the look of the metal.

Fixed Partial Denture aka Three Unit Bridge

Often referred to as bridge, the fixed partial denture suspends the substitute tooth between the teeth on either side. The replacement tooth is cemented to the patient’s natural teeth, serving as abutments and holding the prosthetic in place. Before the introduction of implants, bridges were widely regarded as the most effective treatment option for single tooth replacement. However, bridges can sometimes hinder more than they help; they are known to promote jaw bone deterioration and tooth decay in the remaining healthy teeth.

Dental Implants for Replacing a Single Missing Tooth

Dental implants are now considered to be the best solution for replacing a single missing tooth, but not just because they lack the complications associated with the other treatments. Dental implants are unique in their ability to integrate with the existing bone and tissue to form an extremely strong and enduring bond that allows the replacements to feel and function just like your own natural teeth. Dental implants offer a level of permanence that no other replacement option can provide.

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